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concrete driveway and entrance

Concrete Driveways

Linden Ridge Concrete can help with your concrete driveway installation in Winnipeg and advise you on some excellent options to make your driveway look elegant and unique. Concrete … More

Onsite concrete mixing


At Linden Ridge concrete and construction, a good job gets done only when experienced personnel do things the right way. On top of that there is supervision for the work performed … More

house with concrete driveway from lindenridge construction

Concrete Driveway Repair

If you are looking to fix a cracked driveway, finish a gravel driveway, or just bring a new look to your driveway please get in touch with Linden Ridge Concrete. Concrete repairs … More

Concrete Paved Blocks

Concrete Blocks

We offer custom paved blocks or concrete blocks for curbs etc - even in various colours to enhance the exterior of your home or business. Various sizes, shapes, and colour … More

concrete walkways and path

Concrete walkways and path

Concrete paths and walkways are highly cost effective when planning the area around your house or business. Due to the continuous use, snow and lawn equipment, plus other heavy … More

coloured concrete

Coloured or stamped concrete

Concrete finishes don't necessarily need to have just the traditional look. Linden Ridge Concrete can offer you coloured concrete or stamped concrete that will be asthetically … More

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Concrete Supply and Installation

Stay fully assured that the concrete for your residential or commercial property is guaranteed for quality when you buy from us. Roger Deschere, owner of Linden Ridge concrete … More

Garage Pads and In-floor heating

For jobs that need regular and high quality concrete, depend on Linden Ridge Concrete & Construction to offer you the finest quality. With more than 32 years of experience we … More

Piles and Grade Beams

Pre-Stressed Piles Customized to meet your needs Linden Ridge Concrete and Construction charges you only for concrete supply and installation according to the load bearing … More


Curbs that last Attractively arrange your business parking areas or add decorative borders around your home flower beds with concrete curbs. Cleaner and long lasting than … More

Complete unfinished projects

Stuck with an unfinished project Based on our experience and the broad expertise we possess we can easily help you out on any unfinished project that your general contractor has … More


Quality worksmanship requires a clean finish and top customer satisfaction. We have all the right tools and equipment to ensure your project gets the right finishing touch and the … More