Concrete Driveway Repair

If you are looking to fix a cracked driveway, finish a gravel driveway, or just bring a new look to your driveway please get in touch with Linden Ridge Concrete. Concrete repairs are tricky but easy to accomplish if you are working with experienced professionals. Each repair job is different due to the level of cracks or the type of damage there is to the driveway. Our experienced staff will take care of ensuring of estimating the job and giving you a competitive quote.

We supply onsite concrete in Winnipeg and can offer quality services to install your driveway.  Since we supply the concrete for our projects you pay for only the concrete you use and are not on the hook for unused concrete.

Our experience in the concrete business spans more than 32 years and you can count on us to build an excellent concrete driveway that will long lasting and add value to your home.